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Windows Identity Foundation — for ASP.NET MVC Windows Identity Foundation — for ASP.NET MVC In this article I would like to tell how to use Windows Identity Foundation in your ASP.NET MVC projects and to write your Identity Server, on WIF platform. Overall there is enough general information about this on the Internet, but it doesn’t really go into detail. Secondly, what is proposed by Microsoft now, using Visual Studio settings is not quite appropriate, even quite inappropriate for solutions which are more complex than a home page or business card web site. It’s also not so good when a mythical wizard does something with a solution and says that “more or less it should work”. See full article...
Make your Android for BeagleBoard Make your Android for BeagleBoard In this article I want to tell about the process of building Android for ARM controllers. I hope that this article will be useful, not only for developer, but also for the sophisticated user. done Mostly I would like to show how the actual building process takes place, of operating system for mobile devices. As a laboratory rat, I chose BeagleBoard-xM. It's one of debug boards, which is highly suitable for such tasks. Moreover, it has HDMI and S-VIDEO outputs, in order to "feel" the result. As well as 4 USB ports, which are sufficient to connect keyboard, mouse etc. In my experiments, I used BeadaFrame bought on Ebay, however this is not necessarily required, other than that, any "tv" will do. See full article...
How to build Ridge Run SDK How to build Ridge Run SDK RidgeRun SDK is not a widely used SDK, however if you intend to work with videos for embedded systems, then you will probably be interested to evaluate this SDK (Official web site RidgeRun SDK). In my case I did my own building, for processors DM368, but precisely for Leopard Board. And the main problem turned out to be that documentation in wiki is not up to date and is not complete. And so for a start, we will need a cross compiler CodeSourcery Toolchain, but precisely 2009q1-203, and also it’s necessary to install DVSDK 4 Texas instruments. The web site indicates that DVSDK can work only with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 32 and no other way. And here we have some problems because most repositories for 10.04 no longer exist. At the time of writing this article the last version was Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, but it also should not be used, overall it’s possible to build RidgeRun on it, but one will not be able to make img file image of loading SD card. The thing is that in older versions of Ubuntu, after 14.04 in fdisk utility, which is part of build-essential packet, arguments of command string are changed, and some altogether removed. Subsequently when building img file, they will be needed, as running ahead a bit, u-boot installer uses them. It’s possible of course as workaround to try replace fdisk or entire build-essential (which is not so easy), but for me it seemed the best solution once and for all to make separate virtual appliance for compiling, on which to place everything necessary, while repositories are still "alive". See full article...

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This report describes the basic principles of working with the MQ services, particularly RabbitMQ use C#
  1. MQ Services — an overview of where the services are used and which one is best to choose?
  2. RabbitMQ — installation and configuration
  3. Push-messaging use RabbitMQ and .NET C#
  4. Integration with other platforms
  5. Alternatives and what to expect next?
More details...
This report describes how to run ASP.NET code on a virtual server for $ 5 per month, and why you should not do
  1. Why choose ASP.NET
  2. Why save on the server, if it can be hosted in Azure?
  3. How to run a container locally and remotely
  4. Practical recommendations
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