The most interesting projects on our OpenSource that we support

PinoFran company supports interesting promising projects of independent developers. We present to your attention several of them, which in our opinion are the most interesting. All projects are OpenSource, and are developed thanks to the enthusiasm of the development teams, and of course the help of our company.

For quick familiarization we suggest you familiarize yourself with the announcement of these projects. A more detailed description, status and all available materials will be available in the near future.

Our Projects

3D Prism

3D Prism It’s a relatively new, but quite interesting project, its purpose is 3D visualization of objects. The principle of its function is relatively simple, and based on light interference principle.

3D Printer (Cobra project)

3D Printer (Cobra project) 3D printers are relatively widespread devices, not only for prototyping various devices, but also in everyday life. However Cobra Project is not just a 3D printer, it’s a multifunctioning device, which is indispensible practically for any specialist.

Orthopedic mouse

Orthopedic mouse Did you ever consider how much time you spend behind the computer... How much time your hand spends over the mouse?

News and Events

This report describes the basic principles of working with the MQ services, particularly RabbitMQ use C#
  1. MQ Services — an overview of where the services are used and which one is best to choose?
  2. RabbitMQ — installation and configuration
  3. Push-messaging use RabbitMQ and .NET C#
  4. Integration with other platforms
  5. Alternatives and what to expect next?
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This report describes how to run ASP.NET code on a virtual server for $ 5 per month, and why you should not do
  1. Why choose ASP.NET
  2. Why save on the server, if it can be hosted in Azure?
  3. How to run a container locally and remotely
  4. Practical recommendations
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