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Corporate Style



March 14, 2017


Today packing of goods is the major marketing tool and a communication channel of a brand with "its people". Design of packing and label – one of the most effective instruments of advance of a product. Attractive registration of goods stimulates growth both the spontaneous, and considered purchases. It is important that each element of design was thought over, made pleasant impression and effectively worked in favor of a brand. Today leaders of sales are those trademarks for which each step in the course of sales and advance is the whole strategy. From development of a product and its registration, before placement it on the shelf in a trading floor. Design of a product and its packing – an ideal opportunity to be distinguished from competitive brands, to draw attention of audience and to please the consumer. Numerous researches confirm that most of buyers prefer goods with qualitative and esthetic design of packing and a label. Quality of a product passes into the background when the visual part makes the correct impact. Besides, registration of packing in a corporate style of the company increases recognition of a brand, increases sales level, without additional publicity expenses. The design of packing is a key element of branding of consumer goods - a set of graphic decisions, concerning registration and the container of goods directed to creation of its positive visual image. Packing of goods not just provides safe transportation and function of storage of goods, competent registration of a product stimulates its sales. Packing itself acts as a special type of goods, its form and design will tell about your product much more and more brightly, than the "wittiest" advertizing text. The design of a product and "its wrapper" have to correspond to tastes and preferences of audience on which the product is focused, besides it is necessary to consider a price segment in which the goods will be positioned. It is also important to emphasize in design of packing and a label of feature and competitive advantages of a brand. Development of design of packing is a giving to a product of bright difference and an additional benefit before competitors. It is selection of color scale, a form, material of a container and its registration, the choice of a font. In the course of development of design of packing it is important to consider not only features of production and production of a container, but also to put in design impression which goods and its registration have to make on the consumer. Address to the PinoFran company, we will think over for you, each element of design in order that to distinguish your brand from competitive brands, also to draw attention of audience to your brand and to please you!

March 14, 2017


All want to be beautiful. To see beauty around. To create beautiful things. The PinoFran company to you in the help! Right now you have an opportunity to update, add bright paints, to add with useful information the existing website or to create new. You need to contact in the way, convenient for you, the PinoFran company. You are surprised how to change your life. There will be new clients, ratings will rise, business will go uphill. Beauty will save the world! The PinoFran company works that in the world more beauty appeared. Leave the application for pinofran.com and you are convinced of it. Visit our website https://pinofran.com/ and we will help you!

March 14, 2017


What in your opinion the part of the website which is most drawing attention? It is, of course, a cap. From that as the cap looks the general idea about the website in general is created. It has to correspond to scope of services of the website, to be "ideological" - that is to transfer information on activity of the company. The cap at the website is more qualitative, the more seriously the potential client will treat you further. The Pinofran.com team using primary activity of the company which is engaged in water purification, created the model for a banner. You want that your website caused trust? Order it on http://pinofran.com/

March 14, 2017


The first that is evident at acquaintance to the new company it is its logo. Presently such organizations infinite set, respectively and logos same quantity. And here not so there is a lot of memorable emblems. If you need in memorable, original, a logo we with pleasure will help you. Our company, Pinofran, specializes on creation of logos and a corporate style. We wait for your demands to the address www.pinofran.ru.

March 14, 2017


Stylish, modern, selling these three words it is possible to describe the graphic design created by the creative association PinoFran.com. The stylish - our designers will be able always to offer you colourful options of various degrees of a loud call and business restraint. You need to set only the direction in which it is necessary to follow, or to hear offers from PinoFran.com The modern - we watch development of fashion in the branch and it is aware of all tendencies. If you want to receive rather modern design you came to the address! You are ready to receive real result from cooperation? Pass to www.pinofran.com

March 14, 2017


Whether often you observe a corporate style at any company? It is the most important component of a brand and is shown in approach to an arrangement of elements, uniform color scale, leaflets, business cards and other documentation. It is one of modern types of distribution of information on the company. The following elements for creation of design in uniform style are usually used: logo, slogan, firm colors, and also certain set of fonts. The Pinofran.com team after development of the model of the site received a new task: to develop business cards and leaflets in a corporate style. You can estimate result of work on the model which is given below. You already have a company, its site, and thus there is no the developed corporate style for documents and elements of advertizing and communications? The left request for www .pinofran.com will solve this problem.

March 14, 2017


Let's simulate a situation, your competitor addressed to the pinofran.com company and changed the corporate style, and it means at it a new company name, a new logo, of course, the new site. After new presentation of its product or service at it the number of clients grew up, and sales increased. And you remained at the former level. You start thinking how such could occur? Let's look together at this situation more attentively. All know for a long time that new draws attention and if this new also according to all innovations in the sphere of creation of web of the sites, any Internet user turns on this attention as you guessed, it is about the site. We go further, printing advertizing products. Even if to consider that fact that the Internet to us replaces all from the TV to the newspaper, it is all the same more pleasant to hold in hand the bright handbill with detailed and necessary information, than to look for it in an extensive jungle of the Internet. And at last, business cards and as without them, after all in any company the partner will remember you exactly thanks to your business card, can be told, what even long and effective cooperation begins with it. So, you, probably, already guessed that is necessary for success of your business. Simply call in pinofran.com and leave your order.

March 14, 2017


You have the blog of news on social networks? Try to spread new and hot topics in your posts, for attraction and deduction of new subscribers? You need to be distinguished from a set of other same popular groups? The exit is, address to us in the Creative Association Pinofran.com and your public will decorate a bright and original avatar of group, and also additional accessories to it, for example in the form of the menu and a submenu. The bright example is attached below. The name of group balloons that in itself is associated with bright and colourful gel spheres and pleasure of children at their look. We decided to bypass a little this stereotype and to show that each adult at acquisition of such balls can receive joyful children's emotions. How consider at us left to give fun and a positive to registration of VKontakte group? You felt such emotions at the sight of our design? Surely write to us, and we will present only bright and light impressions of cooperation with us and to you!

March 14, 2017


In the course of creation of a corporate style, the main thing to adhere to a certain framework it is the main color and a logo of firm. When the similar task is set for us we in pinofran.com carry out it for you with special attention to details and your requirements. At creation of an envelope, the handle, a mug, the business card, a notebook, etc. We as professionals are able to keep in that framework about which it was told above, to combine colors and to use the most pleasant, to create easy perceived the text. That your style would be attractive and recognizable in any place and in any time. On it that your company would be more recognizable, we suggest you to order the corporate style in us on pinofran.com.

March 14, 2017

Football league

At last - that there was an opportunity to decorate and modernize your site a beautiful background or to add bright and attractive "cap". Having made it adaptive for all a web - devices. You will attract new clients in the business, thereby having provided it growth and prosperity. The pinofran.com company is engaged in development and that. support of the adaptive sites, and it is also always ready to add a creative and unique style to already ready sites. Pinofran.com created a background and "cap" for an adaptive page of football club "OPL", you can see it in the enclosed files. Ring pinofran.com right now and your site will be available to all a web - devices.