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January 20, 2017

Content marketing

In spite of the fact that current trends lead to simplification, but nevertheless the movement as the instrument of drawing attention remains in fashion. Sliders on the website very frequent guests, happens, and all page consists of them! They create a powerful information stream which in couple of seconds will show to the client what on your website is what to look at. Designers of http://pinofran.com/ will create for you bright, informative and in general the most various banners for your website.

January 20, 2017

Railway tickets

Perhaps, you the business owner or the owner of major company are also engaged in sale of your production to other regions and the countries, then you by all means address to the companies which are engaged in transportation of goods. If you sell chemicals, or fuel, then transportations by trains are necessary. For these services of transportation of freights we made a form of calculation of expenses of a mobile application. We executed this page in quiet shades with green accents, specified categories for the choice like the car which is necessary to you, station of departure and arrival, freight, weight of sending and number of cars. In resulting effect the sum for the car, the sum for ton, distance and delivery period will be calculated. The form is as far as possible filled with infographics. The creative community http://pinofran.com/ designs not only the websites or Landing Page, and also adaptive versions, mobile applications and polygraphy. Addressing our experts, you receive qualitative design in short terms!

January 20, 2017

Order railway tickets

Some programs have mobile applications. Somehow to allocate mobile version from the main website, in the name of the domain the letter m is added in the beginning. That is the name something like m.domain.com turns out. So you will be able to understand at once that it is mobile version of the website. The Pinofran.com team developed design of the page calculator of a mobile application on to transportations. The Paltseoriyentirovanny interface — big fields forms for input, large buttons, and length of the calculator it is calculated on that there was no need for scrolling of the page. You want to receive design of a mobile application? You come on http://pinofran.com/

January 20, 2017

N City

You're a business man and use the Internet? Want to keep abreast of all new developments of interest to you? Then http://pinofran.com/ team will help you to improve and adapt your website for the perception of web devices, which are now a great many, starting with huge TV screens and ending tiny phones smartphones. This will attract to your site interested audience new and, accordingly, a new clientele in the business. Thanks to the cooperation with the team http://pinofran.com/ get ahead of competitors by providing better services to customers in all respects!

January 20, 2017


Now most of producers offer consumers the production, such as windows and doors, sliding wardrobes, rolling shutters and another, after all it is necessary goods. But how to choose the necessary product among others, after all we want that the product would be qualitative and reliable, so, and service is necessary the faultless. The Modern Windows company provides quality of goods necessary for the consumer and service. We made redesign of the site for this company, specified all necessary information on the homepage in an attractive and interesting form, design made laconic and not shouting. The design of the site plays one of leading roles in product sales and company services. The site can provide to the buyer all necessary information, the company is how reliable to show. If wish that your business prospered, your production was in demand, then address to the http://pinofran.com/ company and we will create the best site for you!

January 20, 2017


The slider on the model and its realization on the site is one of the advanced tendencies in web design today. However some customers depart from idea of a slider as the imposition complicating process + raising the price of the cost of all project, specify that the picture on the main screen is necessary, however it has to be static. The Pinofran.com team, having this condition in the specification, realized the project with a static banner and got rid of a typical substrate for the menu, having focused attention to ravines. Address on http://pinofran.com/ and leave the demand

January 20, 2017

Plumbing services

Various companies have the own site business card. And though the idea of application of Landing Page for representation of the companies, products, services appeared relatively recently, it found broad application in the world of web design. The Pinofran.com team developed one more LP for the company which provides services in a sanitarno technical installation. Creation of the page which design would display gravity of the company stood a task, and also was at the same time stylish and, of course, modern. You look for the developer of design for your company? Leave those. a task for our designers on the site www .pinofran.com

January 20, 2017


The most important work of the designer is positive and creative. About Creative already written quite a lot about what it is, how to create a creative learning how to creative ideas and the like. When you create a layout, taking into account how many sites already have a twin on the Internet, creativity is urgently needed. Pinofran.com Team was assigned to redesign the site, which required a significant proportion of creativity, in order to design a little different from the previous one. Restructuring of a vertical layout to a horizontal task in itself complex. We also took place three different block so that customers have the necessary information, using less than 3 clicks. Have you already tired of the design of your site? Order it in the redesign www.pinofran.com

January 20, 2017

Fitness club

Here and September. The summer sputtered out and allowed to pass falls forward, the time of the year was replaced. Also you are so replaced! Try to update the current website according to the come changes in the nature, or it is simple to create the site with new and fresh design. Charge work of PinoFran.com and we will prepare you to проведеню any autumn actions or actions, having created qualitative design "in the right frame of mind". At us is implemented both development of appearance "from scratch", and creation of more convenient interfaces on the basis of the existing sites! From your party the minimum of actions - only is required to a selayta the order for www .pinofran.com



September 12, 2016

Advertizing occupies the most part of the Internet

Advertizing occupies the most part of the Internet. Each owner of the website cooperates with advertisers. So quality of advertizing has to be the highest and the picture enticing, for potential buyers. Our designers just specialize in professional advertizing. We carry out in time, the creative – is provided to https://pinofran.com