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Design of exhibition stands



January 19, 2017

Master Class

How often you go to the cinema, theater, on exhibitions? For certain you already used services of purchase of tickets online on these actions, or as a last resort simply bought tickets in cash desk. Sometimes, when such campaigns are spontaneous, you are before a ticket office on which the big set of bright posters is placed, and face a choice — for what representation, a session to go? Not only the content of action matters: the attractive poster which would hook on your look is also important. The Pinofran.com team developed such model of the poster.

January 19, 2017

Salon Amore

For this purpose what to draw to itself attention among the mass of the same sites and goods, it is necessary to put enough efforts. There are many techniques and rules for customer acquisition, all this in general, certainly, works at the correct giving of your company or a brand. Our Pinofran.com team is convinced of that, the company which approaches business creatively and creatively, half increases the chances, what to become profitable and successful. Want to learn about ideas for an embodiment of your original presentation or advertizing on the Internet? Write us, and we will perform all works for you for all 100%.

January 19, 2017


For all not a secret that effective billboards promote the prompt growth of business. The big companies always need advertizing of own production. Banners it is one of the best options for advertizing of production. Our company, PinoFran.com, succeeded in creation of design of banners. Having used our services, you will be able to receive unique design of your advertizing for a moderate payment. We wait for your orders on the site www.pinofran.com. Do not miss unique opportunity.

January 19, 2017


Today PinoFran.com wants to show you results of work on one interesting project. It not the lending, the corporate site, a leaflet or the business card, is the stand devoted to Sibirskaya Street history in Perm. On it in the form of the chronicle it is told about the events and changes happening in the 19th century. As the general size of the stand rather big, development of design was conducted in the editor of vector graphics of Corel Draw. As you can see, for giving of a certain atmosphere of last years vintage decorative elements were used. Too development of the stand is required? Write on www .pinofran.com