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January 19, 2017


Sometimes we are surprised, what the age does with people? Many even try to resist to age in all ways. But there are people to whom it is interesting as they will look years so through 60. The demand for a photo retouch for a tattoo came to the creative association pinofran.com. On this tattoo the man has to be made old artificially for 60 years. As the person in the photo changed, after a retouch you can see when open the attached image. Perhaps, you agree with opinion that the age only decorates many men. And if this man is grown wise experience and already taken place in life, his eyes will be special. If you are also interested in wonderful change of your photos, simply call and leave the demand.

January 19, 2017


Already it is not necessary to be the member of the family of a noble family or the celebrated personality that the artist drew your portrait. Actually, the need for a posing disappeared even. It is enough to take the good picture and to send to the person who according to it will be able already to draw a picture practically in any style - from simple animation lines, before repetition of style of great creators of the past... Depending on your wishes and level of skill of the performer. Today PinoFran.com offers you similar service. Here, for example, result of drawing of a portrait of a young married couple in a vector. Further this image is planned to use in registration of wedding souvenirs. Want to transfer the photo to a picture format? Write on www .pinofran.com