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January 19, 2017


"The first what you pay attention to when you meet the businessman - it is expensive footwear." You have to have a qualitative footwear. There is nothing more simply to create the image from correctly picked up objects of clothes and skillfully combined accessories. There where there is a strong spirit and commitment is always felt aroma of style. Your self-confidence will be emphasized by an original bagatelle, маст хев the businessman - the business card. http://pinofran.com/

January 19, 2017


At the modern competition each businessman tries to cause a stir, declare himself. Of course, the success consists of a set of elements. Important element business card. Till today many original business cards were made. But designers of www.pinofran.com can help, to your business card will be allocated and to be remembered. What business card you would not wish: ridiculous, minimalist, refined or grandiose we by all means will give all the best for hundred percent, and you receive the business card of the dream. Having left the demand for www.pinofran.com you surely are convinced of it!

January 19, 2017


In any kind of design, whether it be web design, printing, graphic and other types of design, are used three the main a type of graphic editors: Corel, Photoshop and Illustrator. During the work with raster graphics (pictures, processing of photos), and also for creation of the model of the site use of the Photoshop program is most widespread. The logo — that is necessary for you, most likely it will be depicted in Illustrator. And if it is polygraphy — for certain the polygraphy will request from you the initial file in the CorelDraw expansion. Today the Pinofran.com team worked in all three programs, creating models of the sites, a logo and a banner for the printing press. Any design production is necessary for you? Leave the demand for www.pinofran.com.

January 19, 2017

Super Quest

Thought how to emphasize the style? It would seem, a small thing, and how many in it opportunity. The business card in our world, is a key to success in the world of business, and than it is more more beautiful, that a high probability that you will remember. The most important that the Pinofran company, is able to create with taste such business cards, bright and colourful, and in special cases dark and attractive! The demand for creation of such business card can be created at us on the site www .pinofran.com, we wait for you!

January 19, 2017

Specialized machinery repair

Continuing a subject of a corporate style, we want to offer version of the business card of the company. In the attached file specially developed form of such card, for our clients. You have to learn design since we spread works of our designers who developed the corporate site of the Service of Special Equipment company. Recognizable colors of this company main yellow on a white background, also minimalist style is held and on business cards of the company. If all of you even in thoughts, in what style there is your business card, address in our Creative association Pinofran.com rather we know that is necessary for you! Work will be performed in the mildest terms, and we will offer you original options of registration with which you and your clients will be delighted!

January 19, 2017

Tumen Accounting

The PinoFran.com company in the design always combines the most pleasant shades which as a result pour out in a harmonious cloth of the paints forming the elegant business card. The business card which will adequately present your company in the market of services and, perhaps, even will shame competitors. Therefore, always care of image of the company, and always order development of design only in professionals incidentally not to appear one of such "competitors". The best combination of professional skills was collected in themselves by employees of our company. Address to them on www .pinofran.com

January 19, 2017

Hustler shop

In any business it is important to strike up the "necessary" acquaintances and to keep good a response about itself, and also to remain in continuous contact with partners and clients. All this without problems is embodied by means of your personal business card. The business card - appearance of your company. Today absence of the business card is considered not solidly and is not modern. With the Pinofran.com team you can pick up options of design of already prepared templates of the business card or create new with our designers according to your interests. Choose at us models of the business card and be sure what to agree to standard versions of business cards to you there is no more need. With our card you will always be in touch with necessary people in your life. Once again estimate our work, and choose the same unique design. Pinofran.com

January 19, 2017

SEO Cards

What means good design for you? For certain, each of us wants to look good and gain people around. Qualities of character without which not to do, all of us understand. And what into the account of appearance? After all it not an unimportant factor! It is known that the human brain is arranged in such a way that you subconsciously likes to look at the beautiful, correct, proportional picture. All these rules and subtleties of psychology are used, of course, by our team of designers. Order in us design of the business card, and you pleasantly are surprised how precisely we will give your style or style of your company. Relying on numerous experience, we will not keep you waiting! Before following the link www .pinofran.com, estimate today's work of our company.

January 19, 2017

Belligen Deco

All know what has a role the business card, the most convenient and effective way of advertizing you and your company. Versions which it to be necessary to notice a large number. In what style it is necessary to carry out business cards what, the person at which it was in hands surely to you called back? How to find room for the necessary information on not the big size of paper and not to push away the person necessary to you? About it and more believe, our designers know. On an example below you will see a result of work on the minimum and laconic design developed in our company. Address Pinofran.com as it was made by our already many regular customers, and you receive is made suitable option for you!

January 19, 2017

Finance Profession 2

Very long ago the PinoFran.com company didn't show you examples of the works in creation of business cards. Well, let's correct it! Remarkable condition when developing these 2 vizitykh of cards was "any white color". Therefore, as you can see, in design it remained isn't used. The decision to realize the model in rather минималистичнм and a bright, colourful key was made. Both results look pleasantly and can compete quietly with each other for the customer's choice. You want to create the business card? Order development on www .pinofran.com