In this section you can read more about us and find out what is involved in our creative union

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Full and abbreviated name, current web site address (if available).
Your advantages, differences, key moments, business details.
Please evaluate web sites of your main competitors (positive, negative sides)
Please indicate desired and obligatory deadlines for project completion, as well as project starting date.
Indicate options of proposed budget for web site development.
The right to confirm intermediate project stages and to accept completed project is only possible by person who carries full responsibility for these decisions, ie: the actual customer or their representative in the face of project manager on the customer’s side.
What kind of results would you like to reach with the help of new site?
What would you like users of your site to receive (external web site goals)?
Demographic categories: gender, age, income Psychological profiles: user views, how they perceive particular topics of your web site or the world as a whole.
In addition:
Which language versions are planned on the site? How will they differ from each other?
Please indicate everything which, from your point of view, can spcify the task for web site creation.
Please list all main and secondary sections and subsections. Will their quantity/placement change after web site completion?
Which navigation menus will be present on web site pages (left/right/top/botom). Which sections and subsections need to be included.
Please list all information blocks, which must be included on the home page and other web site pages.
In each section – separately
It’’s preferable that they are related to your business field. Please describe, what exactly you like about them.
Please describe in detail, which specific parts of their structure you don’t like and why

Please indicate everything, which from your point of view can spicify web site creation task.
Registring hosting and web site domain name.
Please indicate type and amount of information.
Please indicate list of key words/phrases.
Technical and designer support (updating web site).
Creating logos, letterheads, business cards etc.
Please indicate required format and amount.
Creation of unique illustrations. Please indicate type and quantity.
Creating unique icons for the web site. Please specify quantity.
Portratits of employees/products/other. Indicate type and quantity.