The most interesting for us in two words

Our expertise includes variety of fields proved by successful projects and customer references, including migrating applications and data to cloud environments, software development consulting and project management, building and managing cloud infrastructures, social data analytics, solutions for digital banking, and many others.

The PinoFran team values are integrity and transparency in doing business with our clients, in holding ourselves to the highest standards of ethics, in committing ourselves to clients’ objectives as if they are our own.

Transparency is the key-word to enable informed decision-making in the current dynamic and ever-changing business environment. Integration of Processes, Relations, People and Systems, is the critical success factor for controlled continuous change in organizations.

How we are working

Our employees are our greatest asset. Every day they work tirelessly on our projects, improve the quality of our services, and contribute to our fantastic community. In return, we devote significant attention and resources to our employees’ personal and professional growth.

Our philosophy and commitment to innovation guarantees high quality service for our clients and professional growth for our employees.

We believe in the power of new, innovative technologies to positively transform our society. As such, we constantly devote time and resources toward the development of unique products capable of such transformation.

With a great passion for establishing a favorable atmosphere where PinoFran employees can develop their skills by implementing world-best practices, working on interesting and challenging projects, and creating something that can reshape the industry. We have designed an environment that has been recognized by independent organizations as one the most encouraging of its kind. In order to create not only a comfortable working environment but a balance between work and rest, our staff members are provided with free lunches on a daily basis and are free to use a play room to take their minds off work and get a little rest. And since we do treat our employees with care, we provide free healthy food in-house, so the staff can have lunch at a convenient time and restore their strength for work.

PinoFran has formed creative teams composed of experts from various specializations and instructed them with developing new technologies, products, and methodologies. These teams have been a huge success.

To improve communication within the company and with international clients, we provide free language speaking clubs for in-house employees, foreigners, and international partners who work for the company. Moreover, PinoFran cares about our staff's leisure time and provides reimbursement for sport-related expenses, such as soccer and ping-pong, and arranges regular corporate events and activities.

We embrace Corporate Social Responsibility practices by involving our company and its employees local and international communities.

Furthermore, PinoFran is a company that enjoys sharing the intricacies and insights of the industry with the younger generation of developers, designers, marketers, and managers. For that reason, we often take the role of speaker at various conferences, forums, and other industry-specific events.

From pre-project research and consulting to post-project maintenance and support, we have the expertise and capacity to serve our customer's needs.

In the two decades since our founding, our success has spanned multiple spheres of the IT sector.

  1. .Net and Azure Solutions
  2. Clound
  3. Cross-Platforms Solutions
  4. Embedded Solutions

PinoFran serves companies from more than 17 countries. We care about our customers and are committed to building trust, developing mutual understanding, and providing close collaboration. We always look for the most efficient way to resolve customers’ issues and contribute to their success.


Besides developing own projects, PinoFran provides services for the development of IT-products. We can explore a market, offer new solutions for your business performance and implement a project of any complexity. At the present time, the professional approach to IT solutions can raise business effectiveness several times.

If you have any questions, you can immediately address our experts directly.

CEO at PinoFran

Mikail Valkov

Our main goal - is to bring success to all with whom we work. Our customers should profit from working with us. And our employees who enjoy their work

CTO at PinoFran

Kerper Valera

Technically competent experts - is the key to the successful implementation of the most complex tasks. We are able to solve very complex problems

Art Director

Evgeniya Vlasova

A competent and intelligent design - the foundation of your business success. Correct UX design works for you while your customers use your software developed by us

Sales Manager

Viktor Sysoev

We work with our customers on the first place in which an understanding of the customer's business objectives - this is the most important for us

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